Jarrett Irons

Systems Engineer by day,
Surfer and Crossfitter by night.

About Me

I enjoy moonlit strolls on the beach... Er wait. No I don't. I do enjoy my job being a Systems Engineer (Ops) @Gravity. I am also what some may call a Rubyist. Why 'cus it rocks and I do not like Pythons' effed up space delimiting crap :P.

Since my job does involve using alot of open source software, I like to contribute a little on GitHub. Outside of computer stuff I do enjoy surfing with my work buddies at Gravity, which our office is only two blocks from the beach, so how could I not. I also started getting into the habit of what some people call Crossfit, others call it "WTF, are you a masicist?!?!".

Places to reach me...

You can reach me at the following social media sites or to check up on what I am up to. This makes it easy for the NSA to keep on top of me ;)